Untie the lines and jump,

Well or first, you need a boat, save some money and then you can untie the lines. We are a couple from Stockholm, Sweden, Johanna and Robert. We have backpacked to many countries both together and by ourselves, but there is so many more to be seen, and so much more to explore beyond the beaten path, so we decided to take our boat and give it a try. It is not a fancy boat or a fancy lifestyle, but for us it feels like we are drinking champagne and eating Russian caviar  every day but the truth is that we have to do it on a shoestring budget (so most likely we be drinking water and eating beans and the random fish we can caught). Our goal is to explore cultures, nature and the individuals that we meet, we do not just want to see beaches and drink cocktails at bars, we do not judge anyone else, but we have too much energy and wilderness in our hearts to not go further and explore. We hope that you will join us on our greatest journey; we invite you to do so by watching our YouTube channel and by fallowing us in other social media.